About Lantmäteriet

The Land Survey is an authority whose mission is to secure the ownership of real estate, make geodata available in society and lay the foundation for a functioning social economy. We are also responsible for leading the digitization of the community building process.

We can help you with this

With us you can get information and documentation about Sweden's geography and help with cutting off a plot of land or changing property boundaries in other ways. It is also to us that you turn to with your application for deed to register as the owner of a property.

Business idea

Our business idea is to contribute to sustainable community building and economic development. We do this by creating the conditions to:

  • build and develop properties and society's infrastructure.
  • buy, own and sell properties.
  • search , find and use geographic information and property information.

How we contribute to society's development

In order for society to function right now and in the future, we need data that we can trust, and information about Sweden's geography and properties. It also needs to be clear who owns what.

See examples of how we contribute to society's development.

Annual report

Lantmäteriet 's annual report 2023 (in Swedish, pdf, new window).

Facts about Lantmäteriet

  • We have been mapping Sweden since 1628.
  • The Director General is Susanne Ås Sivborg .
  • We belong to the Ministry of Rural Affairs and Infrastructure.
  • We have approximately 2,200 employees in 50 locations.
  • The head office is in Gävle.
  • We have a turnover of approximately SEK 1.9 billion per year.
  • 70 percent of the income comes from fees and other compensation, the rest is funded by grants.
  • There are roughly 3.5 million objects in our property register.

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