Lantmäteriet - the basis of everything

We at Lantmäteriet keep track of every single place in Sweden. We map reality, set boundaries and keep track of ownership. On this page we show a couple of examples of how Lantmäteriet contributes to the development of society.

What do we mean by "the basis of everything"?

With us you get information and documentation about Sweden's geography and properties. We help when you want to cut off a plot or in other ways change property boundaries. It is also to us that you turn with your application for legal registration to register as the owner of a property.

Without these efforts, a society cannot function. So when we say "The basis of everything" it is a description of what Lantmäteriet has to offer. We are not alone in performing important societal functions. But we are one of those who make a decisive contribution.

The climate

For society to function right now and in the future, data is needed that we can trust.

Data on roads and water levels, on mountains and valleys. It is a prerequisite for being able to plan the societies of the future with regard to the climate - and, for example, protect houses and people from floods when sea levels rise.

Film med texterna: "Vilka hus klarar sig när havsnivån stiger? Vår data lägger grunden för att kunna planera framtidens samhällen. Grunden till allt."

Ownership and a functioning real estate market

In a society, it needs to be clear who owns what and where the boundaries go between what is yours and mine. We can read how all of Sweden's properties are changing - a prerequisite for being able to buy and sell land, houses and apartments. A prerequisite for a functioning economy.

Film med texterna: "Hur vet man vem som äger vad? Vår data lägger grunden för hela fastighetsmarknaden. Grunden till allt."

Sustainable urban development

To build sustainable cities, large areas are needed - but also millimeter precision. Long before the first excavators put the buckets into the ground, we made sure that the ground had already undergone important changes. Plots have been merged, divided and newly formed. A prerequisite for being able to plan and build everything from apartments to playgrounds.

Film med texterna: "Åt vilket håll ska samhället växa? Vi lägger grunden för smartare samhällsbyggnad. Grunden till allt".

Do you want to know more?

We have the right position for you who want to contribute to the development of society. Read more about working with us. You can also read more about Lantmäteriet and our business .

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