Some parts of the website require that your web browser permits the saving of cookies on your computer. Cookies are saved on your computer and not on this website.

By law, you must be given information that the website contains cookies, what they are used for and how to opt out of them so that you can decide if you want to consent to cookies or not.

Different types of cookies

A cookie is a small text file that is temporarily, or permanently, saved on your unit to give you as a visitor access to various functions on the website. There are two kinds of cookies.

  • A permanent cookie is saved as a file that remains on your computer for a short or long time, and is used to save settings and information from one visit to the next. The file is used, for example, so that you can more easily use the website based on your preferences and interests. We mainly do not use this kind of cookie on the website
  • A session cookie is saved temporarily in the computer’s memory during the time you are on a web page. Session cookies are deleted when you close your web browser. No personal information, such as your name or email address, is saved about you.

Manage your cookies

If you do not accept cookies, your web browser can be set so that you automatically refuse the saving of cookies or are informed every time a website requests to save a cookie. Through the web browser, previously saved cookies can also be deleted. See your web browser’s help pages for more information.

Change your settings for cookies

You can always change your settings for cookies by clicking on the link Cookies at the bottom of the page and making a new choice.

These cookies are used on the Lantmäteriet website:

ASP.NET_SessionId: A session cookie used for the website’s functionality. No personal information is saved and the cookie is deleted when you close your web browser.

LMPERSISTANCE: A session cookie used by the website’s load balancing. No personal information is saved and the cookie is deleted when you close your web browser.

cookiesConsent: A permanent cookie used to save your approval of the use of cookies so that the website will work in the best way possible. The approval is saved in the cookie for one year.

.EPiForm_VisitorIdentifier: This cookie is used when a user submits something via an form. The cookie enables identification of the submitted form.

.EPiForm_BID: A time-limited cookie used when a user submits something via a form. The cookie enables identification of the submitted form. The cookie is stored for 90 days.

EPiForm_: A time-limited cookie used to save any unsent forms so that the user can continue filling out the form on their next visit. The cookie is saved for 90 days.

Statistical tools

Lantmäteriet’s website uses Matomo to get a picture of how users use the website. Matomo is used to gather user data, which is necessary for us to be able to develop our website and our services.

Cookies created by Matomo are:

  • _pk_id.2.fe93: Used to identify the web browser. Permanent cookie that is saved for 13 months
  • _pk_ref.2.fe93: Used to save various parameters. Permanent cookie that is saved for 6 months
  • _pk_ses.2.fe93: Used to identify a session in the web browser. Temporary cookie that is saved for 30 minutes

The data gathered in Matomo is anonymised so that no single individual will be able to be identified. Data gathered in Matomo is saved on Lantmäteriet’s servers.

Cookies used by e-services

Depending on whether you have visited any of our e-services that are on any of our subdomains (such as, cookies from the respective e-service can also be shown as long as you remain on the main domain For more information, see the respective e-service.

Cookies from external functions

In linking to external functions, such as Youtube, Facebook and LinkedIn, cookies from these websites are set. For more information, see their respective websites.

The supervisory authority, the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority

The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority, which is the supervisory authority in the area, provides further information on cookies on your website.
The Swedish Post and Telecom Authority website (opened in a new window)

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