Our responsibility and mission

We are responsible for the division of land into real property in Sweden and provide society - the public sector, business and private individuals - with information about geography and properties.

About our mission

We also secure the ownership of properties and make geodata available to the society. We develop society and take the lead in the digitalization of the urban planning and building process.

We ensure a national geodetic infrastructure.

Determining place names according to a well-maintained place name condition is also part of our assignment.

Lantmäteriet in collaboration with others

To work efficiently, Lantmäteriet collaborates, and participates in projects, with other authorities, municipalities and organizations. Read more about our collaboration with others.

Our resellers are an important partner for us, according to our mission, to be able to increase and broaden the use of geographical information and real estate information - through them we reach all users.

Our environmental policy

We contribute to sustainable ownership and use of land and water within the framework of developing the society in Sweden and abroad.

We contribute by regularly updating our own environmental goals as part of society's joint environmental goal work.

Consideration for the environment is a natural part of our operations. Our internal and external environmental work is an important part of our profile.

We participate actively in the development of the rules that govern the Swedish real estate system and the planning and development process. In our task includes contributing environmental-related property information and geographical information based on the needs of the society.

We strive to work resource-efficiently and to choose renewable resources with retained or increased benefit for our stakeholders.

We follow current laws and regulations and live up to the expectations that society places on us.

We have an environmental management system in accordance with Ordinance (2009: 907) on environmental management in government agencies.

Lantmäteriets environmental policy (in Swedish, pdf, new window)

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