Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can, for example, get answers to questions about who owns a property, ongoing enrollment matters and surveying services, processing times, if you need a map or are wondering about easements or the assessed value.

You can get this service from Lantmäteriet

When you start a transaction or seek information about us, Lantmäteriet provides general information regarding your questions. The information we can provide is for example how to apply for a title deed, contractual easement, subdivision, cadastral measure or which e-services and application forms should be used. It can also be about which documents you need to send with your application. You can also order extracts from our registers.

What we cannot do

It is not part of Lantmäteriets mission to give advice on, for example, how a property division or inheritance should be done, tax planning or give advice on how regulations or older decisions can be interpreted.

If you need help to investigate your questions, get suggestions how to act or help with interpreting or creating legal documents, we refer you to the private market by external advisers or agents.

Our processing times

On these pages you will find:

Protected identity

Since an e-mail is considered a public document, you need to call us regarding your matter.

Lantmäteriet can help with conveying letters to people who own a property when the person has protected personal information, and you do not know the person's social security number.

How to send a letter to a person with a protected identity.

If you have protected personal data, you must not register the application in the recruitment system. Instead, contact the recruiting manager to submit your application in another way. You will find the contact details in the advertisement.

I want to know more about a property

In our e-service Who owns the property, you who are a private person and have valid e-identification can get information about who owns a property. The e-service has a limit of five searches per user and 24 hours.

If you own a property, you can log in to our e-service My property and take part of the information from the property register.

In our order form, you can easily order extracts from the property register:

Order information from the property register

In the e-service My property you can see if there are any easements on the property. In the service you will also find detailed information about your own property such as:

  • Legal speed and mortgages
  • Real estate law measures with accompanying files

Read more about easement. For further questions regarding easements, you are welcome to contact our Customer Center.

You can order an extract from the property register free of charge. The register extract shows, among other things, who the legal owner of the property is, mortgages and tax information as well as information about community facilities and communities that are connected to the property.

Then you should turn to Skatteverket. Via Skatteverket, you can get information about decided assessment values. Visit the service "apply for tax value" on the Skatteverkets website (new window, in Swedish).

Lantmäteriet can help with conveying letters to people who own a property when the person has protected personal information, and you do not know the person's social security number.

How to send a letter to a person with a protected identity.

Questions about ownership (legal registration)

All information on how to apply for legal registration can be found on the page Apply for legal registration or registration of plot holdings.

Do you have questions about an ongoing enrollment case (for example, title deed, mortgage or land lease)? Then you are welcome to contact us by phone, at telephone number 0771-63 63 63.

Completion of an enrollment case is sent to Lantmäteriet, Fastighetsinskrivning, 761 80 Norrtälje.

Indicate that it is a supplement, property designation and possibly mark the documents with your case number.

How long a case takes varies, it depends, among other things, on how many enrollment cases we receive during the same period.

See our estimated processing time for enrollment matters.

Examples of enrollment matters:

  • application for legal registration
  • mortgage
  • leasehold
  • registration of contractual easement or note

I want to change my land (property)

If you want to make changes that affect the property's boundaries, you need to apply for a surveying service. Information on how to proceed can be found on the page Change, merge and share a property.

An application for a surveying service can be submitted in two ways. Either via our e-service or by post.

How to apply

This happens when you submit an application to us - the Surveying Service step by step.

You can also follow ongoing surveying services in our e-service for surveying services. This applies to both cases you yourself have applied for and cases you are otherwise affected by. In the service, you also see if your case has been assigned to an administrator.

How long a case takes varies. When an administrator starts working on your case, we get in touch. Only then can you get more information about time, cost and who should pay.

See our estimated processing time for administrative matters.

Cost examples and more information about costs

We charge for all work on your case from the time the application is received, regardless of whether it ends with:

  • what you are applying for can be implemented
  • what you are applying for cannot be implemented
  • you withdraw the application

Then you should turn to the municipality where you want to build. It is the building committee or equivalent committee that handles matters concerning building permits, land permits, demolition permits, prior notice and notification.


In our e-service My map, you can save or print a pdf on any scale over the area you want for use as a basis for, for example, a building permit application.

Then My Map, which is our map service, fits. In the service you can, among other things:

  • Find places, properties and addresses
  • Show property boundaries
  • Make a print on any scale
  • Look at maps and new and older aerial photos
  • Draw and measure in the map
  • See height information

Contents of this page may be automatically translated, we take no responsibility for the accuracy of the translation. Feel free to contact our customer support centre if you have any questions.

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