The diary and information reporting

All documents that are received by an authority or drawn up there are public documents. A public document can be, for example, a letter or e-mail. Anyone has the right to take part in them, with certain exceptions regulated by the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act.

Administrative matters

Our administrative matters are registered in an administrative diary. To view public documents, contact the Registrar via email:

in our information accounting program Klara  you can see what information has been created in Lantmäteriet's activities. From 2018, the information is reported according to the business's processes.

Surveying services

In our e-service for surveying services you can follow ongoing cases. The information about the case is deleted 30 days after the completion of the procedure. The documents can then be accessed via the service Min fastighet where you as a private person can log in with e-identification. For organizations, a subscription to the service ArkivSök is then required to access documents .

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