Delay action

If you believe that your case is taking too long, you can submit a request to us for your case to be decided, a so-called delay action.

You can, as of July 1, 2018, under the following conditions according to förvaltningslagen (the Public Administration Act), submit a claim for delay:

  • It has been at least six months since the case was initiated.
  • Only an individual who has initiated the case can file an action for delay.
  • The action for delay must be in writing.
  • An individual may request an examination of the matter only once during an ongoing case.

If the formal conditions are met, Lantmäteriet within four weeks from the date on which such a request was received, either to decide the matter or to reject the request in a special decision. A rejection decision can be appealed to the Land and Environmental Court.

Submit a delay action

For property development cases:
Lantmäteriet Fastighetsbildning
801 82 Gävle

For property registration matters:
Lantmäteriet Fastighetsinskrivning
761 80 Norrtälje

For other matters:
801 82 Gävle

Read more:
Legal text Förvaltningslagen on Sveriges Riksdags website (in swedish, new window)

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