Consultation on issues concerning the Sami people

Lantmäteriet has an obligation to consult Sami representatives before we make decisions in matters that may be of particular importance to the Sami. It says a new law that came into force on March 1, 2022.

The purpose of consultation is to promote the Sami people's influence over their affairs.

When should consultation take place?

The obligation to consult applies in decisions that may have a direct impact on the Sami language, culture , industries or status as indigenous peoples. Consultation takes place only when the Sami are affected in a way that differs from the rest of the population.

We primarily consult the Sami Parliament, which represents the Sami people. In some cases, matters may have special significance for a Sami village, in which case the Sami village must also be consulted.

There may also be occasions when Sami organizations are to be consulted. This is done if:

  • the matter may have special significance for the organization with regard to its purpose according to the statutes
  • the organization has expressed an interest in participating in consultations.

The obligation to consult applies in cases submitted to Lantmäteriet after 1 March 2022.

We want to be consulted - how do we proceed?

Sami organizations that want to register an interest in participating in a consultation can fill in the form below and send it to Lantmäteriet and we will hear from you when a consultation becomes relevant.

Form - Request for consultation on issues related to property development (in swedish,pdf, new window)

Form - Request for consultation on issues concerning, for example, legal registration and mortgage (in swedish,pdf, new window)

In addition to the organizations that have registered an interest in consultation as described above, Lantmäteriet itself contacts the Sami Parliament and / or affected Sami villages to ask if they have an interest in being consulted in matters that we suspect may have special significance for the Sami.

How does one consultation to?

Lantmäteriet decides in which way a consultation is to be carried out, but must as far as possible and appropriately satisfy the Sami representative's wishes for a form of consultation. 

The consultation is an opportunity for the Sami representative and others involved in the matter to raise their views and wishes.

The consultation continues until agreement or consent on the issue that is the reason for the consultation has been reached between those concerned. parties to the case and the Sami representative, or until Lantmäteriet or the Sami representative explains that agreement or consent can not be reached in the matter.

On the Riksdag's website you can read more about the law (2022: 66) on consultation on issues concerning the Sami people (new window)

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